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our story

We are a family owned an operated window cleaning and building maintenance company located in Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota.

Clear Cut Window Cleaning was founded in 2008 by then freshman in high school, Matt. First and foremost, Clear Cut's aim is to provide the best service imaginable. We take pride in our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our manta is "We don't stop cleaning until the customer is beaming." In addition, Clear Cut Window Cleaning exists to develop young men and women who brighten the lives and homes of the customers we serve.  Our company takes pride in who we hire; knowing full well that company success is achieved largely on the backs of our hardworking employees. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to meeting you soon.

In 2015, Matt's younger brother, Michael joined the team. He has since become the technician manager and team leader. Michael has a knack for customer service and an eye for detail. His passion is in serving people and investing his time and energy into the employees that work alongside of him.

about the founder

Hi, I'm Matt. I'm the founder of Clear Cut Window Cleaning. I live in Minneapolis with my wife, Alexa, and our daughter Ranayen. Alexa and I got married in 2016, and Ranayen was born in 2019.

Our greatest passion involves investing time and resources into under-served communities. We've devoted our lives to bringing the Hope of God to the most hopeless of situations. In many ways, Clear Cut Window Cleaning has fueled that calling for us.

A few of our favorite things include: camping, board games, pickle ball, the MN Twins, and reading.

We appreciate you flipping through our website and learning a little more about us!

—Matt Herringshaw, Founder of Clear Cut Window Cleaning

our Mission

Our mission is to brighten the life and home of each person we serve.

We think that clean windows are one of those subtle things that transform a living space, business, or building.  One of the things that we often hear from our clients is that they didn’t realize that the windows were as dirty as they were – which I think is kind of a metaphor for the way life can become.

A living space or building is the context in which people build families, enjoy relationships, do meaningful work, and spend their precious time in.  Clean windows are often one of the key differences between a space that’s been neglected, and one that’s revitalized and clean.

My sister is a Photographer, and one of the things she talks about is the importance of lighting.  When you look out a window, you are gaining a bit of perspective, and when the windows are clear – that perspective is enhanced.

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