Professional commercial window cleaning in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Commercial wINDOW cLEANING sERVICES in the Twin Cities, MN

Our mission here at Clear Cut Window Cleaning is to brighten the lives and homes of each customer we serve. We've been letting more light into buildings since 2008, and it never gets old.

The majority of our work is cleaning commercial properties. Our niche involves servicing retirement communities, condominiums, hotels, and universities. However, we do it all - from one-story office spaces to sky-scraping buildings.

The more building managers and maintenance supervisors we speak with, the more stories we hear of poor past experiences with vendors. We here at Clear Cut have made it our #1 priority to provide the best customer service experience for housing administrators, maintenance managers, tenants, etc. As always, we stand firm upon our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or a tenant isn't happy with our work, we fix it.

Timeless  Methods

Clear Cut Window Cleaning uses timeless methods to clean your interior glass and select panes on the exterior. A squeegee and brush have worked so well so many years – they won’t ever go out of style.

New Technology

Clear Cut Window Cleaning Minnesota works with a mineral-free water that we get from our portable water purifier.  This device allows us to work with mineral free, reverse osmosis purified water that leaves windows spot-free without using extra chemicals.

Exceptional Results

The best methods coupled with our attention to detail mean your windows stay cleaner for longer -maximizing the results you get with your window cleaning service.

We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

"We don't stop cleaning until you're beaming."

Our Team

+ The Clear Cut Window Cleaning team is all about teamwork, professionalism, uplifting each other, and delivering the results that we would want if we were the ones paying for the window cleaning.  We’ve built a team of window cleaners that work together amazingly so that we can efficiently and effectively provide high-quality results to both commercial buildings and residential buildings.

It’s about relationships, leadership, and improving the lives of the people we serve.  Cleaning windows can seem like a mundane and repetitive job, but we’re in this hook-line-and-sinker.  One of the best parts of a window cleaning job is when we talk to the employees of a commercial building, university, or senior living facility and they say things like “We didn’t realize how dirty the windows were until you cleaned them.”

That means we had the opportunity to literally “brighten someone’s day.”  Students trying to develop the skills to pursue their dreams, people living in apartments and other facilities, and employees working in a corporate office deserve to have clean windows.  It’s one of the little things in life that can bring a bit more clarity, joy, and happiness that people often don’t consider.

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