3 Reasons to Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

Why Have Your Windows Cleaned by a Pro?

Okay, we’re going to be honest. As a professional window cleaning service, our opinion might seem a little biased. Because of this, we’re not going to come up with our own reasons that you should hire us to clean your windows. Instead, we just wanted to share some of the most common reasons that people hire professional services, and why you may want to consider hiring a pro yourself.

Maybe you’ll even find that none of these issues are significant to you and that you’d be better off cleaning your windows yourself. Regardless, our goal is to provide you with just a little more insight on the window cleaning process and why we do what we do.

1. Window Cleaning is Dangerous

In our opinion, this may be the best reason to hire a professional window cleaner. Unlike the next two reasons we’ve listed, this issue has to do with personal safety, making it important on a completely different level.

We’ve all heard stories about friends or family members who fell off ladders or toppled over whilst cleaning a window or clearing out gutters, and as far as we’re concerned, it would be best if all of us stayed safe so that we never have to hear another one! Most window cleaning professionals come equipped with all of the equipment necessary to make window cleaning as safe and efficient as possible.

Here at Clear Cut, for instance, we come armed with Water Fed Poles, which allow us to clean windows effectively from the ground level--even if those windows are 5 stories off the ground.

2. Window Cleaning is Time-Consuming

We don’t doubt that you’re capable of cleaning your own windows. However, we also know that window cleaning can be time-consuming, frustrating, and downright annoying. There’s nothing quite like spending half a day or longer cleaning windows only to find that half of them were left with streaks or spots.

Instead of getting stuck with the task of doing and re-doing, it may be best to spend your time on a task that you enjoy while a professional takes care of the pesky window cleaning responsibility. We’re not sure what your hobby is, but we feel like it’s safe to assume that you’d love to be spending more time on that and less on the windows.

3. A Streak-Free Finish is Hard to Come By

Just about everyone you talk to has a home remedy for ensuring that windows are left completely streak-free. However, even with the best methods, there is quite a bit of room for error. Windows are a tricky business, and keeping them completely streak-free is very difficult.

However, professional window cleaners have typically cleaned thousands of windows. After doing so many windows, you start to get a feel for the precision that’s required to consistently leave windows streak-free. In addition to that, many window cleaners are working with technology that makes streak-free windows easier to come by.

Here at Clear Cut, for instance, we use HydroTube technology on exterior windows. This mineral-free water solution makes it easy to clean windows effectively. A streak-free finish isn’t quite so difficult to come by.


If you live in the Twin Cities and resonate with any of these reasons to hire a professional window cleaner, we’d love for you to consider us. Here at Clear Cut Window Cleaning, we work hard to ensure that we never leave any client with doubts about whether or not they were right to hire a professional. We don’t rush through our work, and we always ensure that we are effective and efficient. If you’d like to hear more about us or get a quote, we’d be happy to talk. Feel free to contact us today.