Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning in the Twin Cities

Window Cleaning That's Environmentally Safe & Effective

Day by day, your windows are getting cloudier. It happens so gradually you don’t even notice. Dust, particles from air pollution, and grease quietly collect on the glass over time. Then comes the day when a fingerprint or a swipe cuts through the grime, revealing how dirty the window is.Sometimes you’ll see a filthy car that has the words, “WASH ME” emblazoned on it by some passer-by. Those words don’t need to be written on your dirty windows; just that one little finger print or swipe will send the same message. Whether it’s your home or business, dirty windows may be sending the wrong message. Change that message with a call to Clear Cut Window Cleaning.

The Difference Pure Water Can Make

You may be thinking that when it comes to cleaning windows, water is water. However, you would be wrong. St. Paul and Minneapolis tap water can be full of minerals that can leave streaks or a film on your windows. Clear Cut Window Cleaning doesn’t use regular water. Our water is mineral-free. It’s purified with our HydroTube portable purifier. The reverse osmosis technology available with this purifier provides us with mineral-free water that makes your windows sparkle.Our purified water does not require the extra chemicals used in many cleaning agents to produce spot-free windows. Additionally, your windows will actually stay cleaner longer. That’s another reason to call on Clear Cut Window Cleaning to get all your windows – home and business – cleaned professionally.

An Environmentally Friendly Clean

Windows that stay cleaner longer are actually good for the environment, when you think about it. It means fewer chemicals floating around and getting washed away into the ground water. But what about the cleaning agents? Are they safe for the environment? They are at Clear Cut.We use only non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on your windows. Good stewardship of the environment is important to us and making sure we provide the best service to our customers is too. The combination of these two values means that you get beautiful, super-clean windows without negatively impacting the environment.

Send a Clear Message

Your business and home are important. You want both to look their best. If you’re like most people, you also don’t want to spend too much time or money in the process – not that you want to skimp on things – you’re being wise about how you spend both your time and your money. Clear Cut Window Cleaning helps with that process by using a method that keeps your windows cleaner longer. This saves you both time and money.When you see what your home or business looks like with windows cleaned by us, you will know you are sending the right message. Appearances matter; dirty, streaky windows can send the wrong message. Sparkling clean windows send the message that you care very much about your work or home environment. Don’t put off getting those windows cleaned any longer. Contact us at Clear Cut Window Cleaning for an estimate. We will help you get a new perspective on things!