MN Window Washers: Why Hire Professionals?

Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner?

We've all cleaned windows before. Window cleaning actually seems to be a pretty straightforward job when you get started. You just spray a little of this, wipe off a little of that, and so on.It's not until you're finished that you realize how difficult window cleaning can be. After you've wandered around the whole house and cleaned off each window, the streaks start to appear. Even using the guaranteed streak-free sprays and cloths doesn't always do the trick.But there's no time to worry about that. You still have to clean the outsides of the windows. If you have a two-story home, you even get to do a little bit of death-defying work from the top step of your longest ladder.Instead, we think that you should consider calling Clear Cut Window Cleaning. We know that you could clean your own windows and that you're capable of it. We just don't think that you should clean your own windows. Why? Here are a couple of reasons we think you should consider calling us.

Cleaning Windows is What We Do

That's pretty obvious. But we also wanted you to know that we've been in business since 2008. We have years of experience in cleaning windows, and as a result, we know what we're doing. We know how to get beautiful, streak-free results on every single window. Our methods are time-tested, and our customers ask us back because we prioritize results over speed.To us, more goes in to cleaning a window than meets the eye. Not everyone can say that they have cleaned thousands of windows, but we can. Due to that, we've also had the opportunity to hone in on best practices that make us - and your windows - stand out from the rest.

We Have the Best Equipment

Since cleaning windows is what we do, we also have access to all of the equipment you would ever need to effectively clean a window. We come prepared to do interior windows with a tool belt full of equipment, but we also have equipment for cleaning exterior windows that only professionals use.The HydroTube we use operates with reverse osmosis technology and guarantees streak-free windows. It's this kind of technology that makes it difficult for even the most skilled amateurs to produce the same level of results that you would get from a professional window cleaner.

You're Free to Do Something Else

We know you're busy. Whether you're going to work, playing with your kids, or mowing your lawn, we don't want you to get stuck carving out some time to clean your windows. Our team can do this for you in an efficient, effective manner so that you're free to do something else. Who wants to spend their weekends or their margin time cleaning windows?

We're Worthy of Trust

If we take a job, we can assure you that we're capable of doing it with excellence. We're Minnesota local, and we care about our community. We don't try to cut corners or do any job half way. If you hire us, we can assure you that what you will receive is a pro-grade window cleaning service that will save you time and produce great results.