A Minnesota House Cleaning Company to Trust

Clean Windows, Clean House

One of my favorite things about being in the window cleaning business is bringing clarity, cleanliness, and a new beginning to both homes and businesses all around the Twin Cities.It sounds kind of strange, but we often hear that people didn't know how dirty their windows were until we cleaned them. This is something that I usually hear from employees working with the businesses we serve as well as families that first walk into their space after we're done with our streak-free window cleaning.

People didn't know how dirty their windows were until we cleaned them.

Believe it or not, your house could be the same way. How different would it look after a thorough cleaning?

Your house could be the same way.

Well, for many of us, it seems like we'll never know. After all, most people would prefer to spend time with their families rather than using every night and weekend to ensure that their home looks perfect.The problem with keeping cleaning off the to-list, however, is that you start to feel a little guilty about the condition of your home over time. You might even start to get stressed out and on edge.Don't feel guilty. Usually, people don't love cleaning. Of course, that doesn't mean that it's the best choice to forget about cleaning altogether! When your home isn't clean enough to have guests over for dinner or a movie, it can feel frustrating and embarrassing. When you don't feel great about your home, you are less likely to have friends over.

minnesota house cleaning company to trust

Imagine if your home was always looking perfect, and you didn't have to spend time cleaning the shower, scrubbing the toilets, or dusting everything. I think that investing in a clean home is the equivalent to investing into your friends and family because you will be more likely to have people over when you feel great about your home.

Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning Service

I've recently been introduced to an entrepreneur and business owner named Krissi Oates. Krissi owns and operates Tidy Touch Twin Cities House Cleaning. They are based out of the South Metro area of the Twin Cities, and they are winning over clients left and right. One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is that you need your friends and family to help you out, and you need to find other businesses that you can build relationships with.  Being a busy entrepreneur means that I can't spend lots of time sitting in meetings with other entrepreneurs, but I can use this blog to encourage people to check out the businesses that I would recommend.There are a lot of house cleaning services in the Twin Cities, but here's why I'd encourage you to check out Tidy Touch.

Three Things to Look for in a Minnesota House Cleaning Company

1 - They’re Background Checked, Insured & Members of ISSA

I’m not usually a big stickler on trade organizations - but in this case, I am. Why? In the house cleaning industry, an ISSA membership can show that a maid service or house cleaner is a grade above the others.  This is really important because you want people who take their business seriously - especially since they’re going to be in your home - to be the ones doing your house cleaning.

An ISSA membership can show that a maid service or house cleaner is a grade above the others.

When your cleaning company is insured and background checked, you’ll know that they care about security and privacy and that they’re not going to be disappearing when something goes wrong.House cleaning is a noble profession - but the barrier to entry can be very low.  This means that just about anyone that wants to can start their own company.  Background checks for employees and a company focused on professionalism is an indicator that the owner and employees have received training, scrutiny, and care a great deal about long term relationships with their clients.

2 - Attention to Detail Over Time

House cleaning is one of those things that needs to leave people saying “that was worth it!” every time. If you're going to spend money on having someone clean your house, it's worth the investment to ensure that you hire someone who will do it right.  Great cleaning companies have lots of repeat customers and long term relationships - where the 15th cleaning gets the same attention as the first 3.   When you hire a maid company, you’ll want them to pay attention to the little things that are important to you.  The best house cleaning companies in Minnesota will stay in tune with what’s important to you and ask you what your top priorities are.  Some people might want the bathrooms spotless before everything is immaculately dusted, while other homeowners might not care a bit about that.A great cleaning company is going to ask you about what matters most to you.  This doesn’t mean they’re going to slack in other areas, but it shows that they understand the business and relationship of maid and homeowner.  Great Twin Cities maids are going to tailor their cleaning to your personal needs so that you’re left saying “that was SOOOO worth it.”

3 - Training in Surface Care

This is something that kind of stems from an ISSA membership, but it’s really important that your house cleaning company has some training about what chemicals should be used on different surfaces.Seriously, if you use something with too high of a PH, it can strip the finish off of floors, cabinets, and even tile! In some ways, it's the equivalent of streaking up a window with the wrong kind of cleaning solution. While cleaning blogs might teach people a million ways to save money on their chemicals by using vinegar on everything and putting together homemade solutions, a professional cleaning company will have educated themselves on surface care.Investing in a company that understands these best practices and has special training really can save you money in the long haul.  Having to replace countertops, flooring, wood finishes, or window treatments can be almost inevitable when you use the wrong cleaning solutions.Tidy Touch Twin Cities fulfills these three requirements - plus they're locally owned and really nice people!