In MN, You Should Get Your Windows Cleaned This Often

How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

There are several factors that go into determining how often you will want to get your windows cleaned. Some are relevant to just about anyone, while other factors are only relevant in certain circumstances. For an average residential customer, it is safe to assume that you will want to have your windows cleaned once every 3 to 6 months. Meanwhile, a commercial customer should expect to have their windows cleaned up to twice a month. However, it is important to note that in some cases, you will need to have your windows cleaned more frequently. For a more precise answer, we would recommend answering the questions that we have asked below. These should help you to determine how often you need your windows cleaned.

Pets and Small Children

  • Do you have any pets living in your home or visiting your property frequently?
  • Do you have small children living in your home or visiting your property frequently?

Pets and small children often leave prints on glass, especially when the windows are easily accessible to them. In the instance that you answered "yes" to one or both of the questions above, you may want to consider a more frequent cleaning schedule.


  • Is your property located in a new development or any other area where there is construction happening nearby?
  • Is your property located in an especially windy area?
  • Is your property located near any busy streets or freeways?

Each of these factors can contribute to a more frequent need for window cleanings. In new developments (or anywhere with frequent construction happening nearby) there is a good chance that dust will be continually kicked up. In this kind of scenario, the dirt and grime will stick to your windows and will necessitate more frequent cleaning. In a less extreme way, especially windy areas are capable of kicking up dust as well, especially in dry seasons.Lastly, if your property is located near busy streets or highways, you may want to plan for a more frequent cleaning schedule as well. Traffic pollution can cause for your windows to be exposed to additional grime, dust, and other debris that will need to be cleaned off more regularly.

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The best way to be sure of how often you'll need to have your windows cleaned is to get in touch with us so that we can learn more about your unique needs. We'll be able to tell you more about what you should expect from your window cleaning service.