Pro Window Cleaning Vs. DIY for Small Business Owners

DIY or Pro Window Cleaning for Your Small Business?

It’s easy to see why Minneapolis and St. Paul corporations, with huge glass buildings, hire professional window cleaners to keep their towers sparkling in the sun. When it comes to the small business owner though, such an investment may seem unnecessary, even frivolous. After all, you often pass fast food restaurants and see uniformed workers taking orders one minute and cleaning windows the next. So, why take on the added expense of hiring professionals to clean the windows of your small building?

Time is Money

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Time is money!” When it comes to operating a successful business, this is definitely true. You need to be savvy when it comes to spending both time and money. If you are the only one working out of your building, when do you make the time for cleaning windows? Certainly not during the time when you could be meeting with clients or participating in some other revenue-generating activity.If you’re not doing it during business hours, it gets added to the list of things that need to be handled after hours. Chances are that’s a long list, and window cleaning is not at the top. As it gets pushed further down the list of your priorities, your windows are steadily getting dirtier.You could be a small business owner with a modest staff to help things hum along smoothly. Each person has their specific job to do and everyone pitches in when necessary. But does that include cleaning windows? Probably not. Again, it gets put on the after-hours list and slowly makes its way to the bottom.

The Professional Difference is Clear Cut

We’ve all seen the great little businesses with smudged glass doors and atrocious looking windows. The service may be grand, but wouldn’t it be even better if patrons had a clear view through the windows? Clear Cut Window Cleaning will happily, professionally, and efficiently take cleaning windows off your after-hours to-do list.Our to-do list is full of small businesses just like yours, in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We take pride in keeping their windows in pristine condition. Are we out there cleaning the same places every day? No. We don’t have to do that.With our HydroTube portable water purifier, we clean your windows with mineral-free water using non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents. The purified water cleans windows better and actually helps them stay cleaner longer. We give you streak-free results and a clean that lasts.

Serving the Twin Cities Area for Nearly 10 Years

Established in 2008 by entrepreneur Matt Herringshaw, Clear Cut Window Cleaning began as a means to pay tuition at Bethel University. Building on an exemplary work ethic and commitment to excellence, Matt turned his side hustle into a full-time business, faithfully serving the Twin Cities area.Schools, businesses, and non-profits throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area have turned to Clear Cut Window Cleaning to keep their windows looking beautiful. Matt’s team is dedicated to excellence in customer service as well as cleaning windows and gutters. Your time needs to be spent handling your business. Get a new perspective on things and let the light shine in when you let Clear Cut Window Cleaning handle your window cleaning needs.