The Dog Owner Window Cleaner

When Windows Declare that You're a Dog Owner

If you’re a homeowner with a pet dog, chances are you have windows that let people know you own a dog. As sweet as they can be, many dogs leave their signatures on any window within reach. Some have a bad habit of jumping on the windows trying to get that pesky squirrel out of the yard. Others need to let the postman know who’s boss, while others just enjoy bouncing off the window at any one or anything that gets their attention. In a given day a dog may lick windows, press their nose against windows, and paw at windows. Keeping your windows sparkling clean can become a daily chore. Is there a solution? If there is, what is it?

Option One: Training

Training your dog not to smear up windows is probably the most obvious solution. It’s also the wisest if you have the time and inclination. Smeared windows can be annoying and they look terrible! The more smearing, the worse they look. However, there are more pressing reasons to stop Fido from jumping on the windows.Not only do your windows have wet nose signatures, they may also have scratch marks. Those are reasons enough for training, but more importantly, for your four-footed friend’s safety. Each year, veterinarians treat dogs who have jumped on windows and broken the glass, cutting themselves severely in the process.While it’s nice to come home to someone who can’t wait to see you, if there’s a possibility your pet could be injured in the process, you will want to put an end to the habit. There are many ways to nip this in the bud without having to pen or crate your dog while you are absent from home, though that is one choice.You can put your pet in a room where the windows are out of reach. If your dog only jumps on certain windows, you can close off those rooms. Another deterrent is to cover the window or pull the blinds to keep the outside goings on out of view.Booby trapping the window sill with balloons may keep your pet at bay. One or two jumps on an exploding balloon might be all that’s needed to make Spot think twice about rushing the window. When he jumps up and those claws pierce the balloons, he will be startled and realized that jumping on the window isn’t such a good idea.Teaching your dog to stay away from the window can be accomplished by diligent instruction on your part. Obedience training doesn’t have to be limited to teaching Fido how to walk at your side and keeping him from jumping on people.

Option Two: Call Clear Cut Window Cleaning

Your furry friend’s wet nose signature isn’t all that’s clouding up your windows. Dust and other airborne debris make your windows appear murky. Clear Cut Window Cleaning will get all your windows looking pristine again. Since 2008, we’ve been serving the Twin Cities region by keeping the windows of homeowners and business owners sparkling clean. Our window cleaning experts are dedicated to ensuring that the job is done well. Friendly, professional, and committed to excellence, when you call upon Clear Cut Window Cleaning to improve the look of your home, you can expect your windows to look amazing.You may not want to call us daily to eliminate Spot's signatures from your windows, however, any time you’re ready to spruce up your home with clean windows, give us a call for the best window washing job you can get.